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January 8th, 2007

It’s hard to believe that it’s already January 8th. The holidays went by very quickly, even though Wellington has had its coldest December since records began.

I didn’t just laze around, though. I did manage to fit in one more interview and finished transcribing two others. I have at least one more interview to do later this week, and there are still a few email interviews in various stages of completion. I am starting to wonder if some of my email messages have fallen into a trench somewhere in the Southern Cross cable (or more likely fallen into a spam trap somewhere), and I’ll be sending out follow up messages later this week.

To pick up where I left off interviewing myself, the next question is about my involvement with open source projects. I’m not directly involved with any library OSS projects, except as an observer/lurker. I’ve written the odd article and given a few presentations featuring case studies of various projects, so the best term to describe me is probably a ’supporter’. I do use some open source software (like this blog) and have set up the LIANZA IT-SIG wiki, which uses the PmWiki engine. I’m currently creating some content for the ‘Five Weeks to a Social Library’ course being organised by a group of North American library bloggers. My role has been to organise an interview between my husband and Patrick Michaud, that will be published as a podcast. They did the interview in late October, and now I need to to a bit of editing before submitting it to the course site. I’m planning on using Audacity (another open source project) for that.

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