Four DVDs and a movie

January 16th, 2007

One consequence of the bad weather during the break is that we were able to catch up on some films. Here’s a list of what we saw, with some brief comments.

  1. Spiderman 2. We missed this the first time around. It was great. I always like Tobey Maguire, and he plays geeky types so well.
  2. King Kong, the Peter Jackson version. The verdict: too long and a bit self-indulgent (i.e. too many dinosaurs). King Kong and the rest of the CGI effects were amazingly realistic. Can we believe anything we see in on screen any more? My only other comment is that when King Kong fought the dinosaurs I was reminded of a kung fu movie.
  3. Grave of the Fireflies. An early anime film from Studio Ghibli. The story of a Japanese teenager and his young sister trying to survive toward the end of World War II, with a depressing (but probably realistic) portrayal of human nature.
  4. Syriana. Another pessimistic movie about the oil industry and its influence in the Middle East. Very well done, and George Clooney was almost unrecognisable.
  5. La Doublure (or The Valet in English). The movie. Only the French do comedy like this. A light-hearted farce with Daniel Auteuil in good form as an amoral company chief executive, trying to save his marriage without losing his mistress.

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