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January 28th, 2007

Using Wordpress as the engine for this blog is exposing me to the reality of being an open source software user. One of the interviews I’ve done recently left me thinking about autonomy in the context of using open source software; in other words, the ability of open source users to choose which version they use and when to upgrade. I’ve just experienced this autonomy for myself.

Earlier this month, I upgraded to WP 2.0.6, thinking that I wouldn’t need to make any more software changes for a while. Three days later, Wordpress issued version 2.0.7, which fixed some security issues, among other things. This was followed a week later by a new release, WP 2.1.

I faced a dilemma: should I move straight to 2.1, or should I install 2.0.7 and wait for a bit? I certainly don’t want to be using a version with security problems, but do I want to be an early adopter of 2.1? After thinking this over for a few days, I decided to upgrade to 2.0.7 for the public version of my blog, and try 2.1 out on the development version on my iBook. So yesterday I installed 2.0.7 on the server, and like the previous upgrade, it took around 10 minutes and so far everthing is sweet.

Now I can take my time becoming familiar with the changes in 2.1, and install it when I’m ready, without feeling pressured. It’s nice to feel that I’m in control.

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